Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Coup in Honduras

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The Rise, Repression and Uncertain Future of the Coup
By Benjamin Dangl
Zelaya has been criticizing and taking on the sweatshop and corporate media industry in his country, and increased the minimum wage by 60%. He said the increase, which angered the country's elite but expanded his support among unions, would "force the business oligarchy to start paying what is fair." Continue

Another US Destabilization Operation
By Barry Grey and Rafael Azul
While publicly opposing the military coup that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya on Sunday, the Obama administration on Monday indicated that it will not cut off aid to the Central American country or demand Zelaya’s reinstatement.

Obama's Real Message to Latin America?

By Nikolas Kozloff
If it were ever proven that Obama sanctioned the overthrow of a democratically elected government this could completely undermine the U.S. President’s carefully crafted image. Continue

A Few Thoughts on the Coup in Honduras
By Jeremy Scahill

The US ties to the Honduran military and political establishment run far too deep for all of this to have gone down without at least tacit support or the turning of a blind eye by some US political or military official(s).

The Significance Of Washington's Coup Attempt In Honduras
By Shamus Cooke
Nearly all of the U.S. media’s writing about the Honduran coup is littered with negative references to Hugo Chavez, the “socialist project,” and other buzzwords meant to influence the reader toward acceptance of the coup. Continue

In Case You Missed It
Friendly Dictators

Written in 1995

They are democratic America's undemocratic allies. They may rise to power through bloody ClA-backed coups and rule by terror and torture. Their troops may receive training or advice from the CIA and other US agencies. US military aid and weapons sales often strengthen their armies and guarantee their hold on power
. Continue

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