Saturday, June 30, 2012

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.
Q. What do these seven countries have in common?
A.  They have all been targeted for "regime change" by the imperialists, since at least 2001.  In the case of Syria and Iran, since 1991. 

Refer to this excellent article by Glenn Greenwald:
Obama Fulfilling the Neocon Dream
Mass Regime Change in Muslim World?

The U.S. & Syria: Facts You Should Know

[But you will not learn from the mainstream media which is promoting the imperialist agenda for war and regime change! - Bruce]

By Joyce Chediac

The following timeline reviews the progression of U.S.-NATO intervention in Syria and counteracts the Big Lie in the corporate media aimed at preparing open imperialist military aggression against the Syrian people.

Sanctions follow establishing opposition

• Washington has funneled money to a right-wing Syrian opposition group since at least 2005. (Washington Post, April 16, 2011)

• The U.S. reopened its embassy in Damascus in January 2011 after six years. This was no thaw in relations. The new ambassador, Robert S. Ford, who served until October 2011, is a protégé of John Negroponte, who organized death squads in El Salvador in the 1970s and in Iraq while ambassador there in 2004-05. There terror squads killed tens of thousands. Ford served directly under Negroponte at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

• Ford “played a central role in laying the groundwork within Syria as well as establishing contacts with opposition groups.” Two months after he arrived in Damascus, the armed insurgency began. (Global Research, May 28) . . . 

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