Wednesday, October 24, 2012

As an Australian, I suppose I am meant to feel elated and proud that Australia has won a non-permanent seat on the United Nation's Security Council. 
Sorry, but for various reasons, I do not. 

The Australian Government, whether Liberal or Labour, is a puppet of the warmongers and exploiters.  It does not have an independent foreign policy, serving the best interests of the people of Australia or the world. The Australian vote in the UN will be just another vote for imperialist wars and exploitation to benefit the obscenely rich and powerful. 

Australia's record and performance on the world stage is a disgrace. I cannot imagine it bringing anything positive by being on the UN Security Council.  

This article by fellow Australian John Pilger, an award-winning investigative journalist and film maker, might help to explain why, sadly, I feel this way about the government of the country of my birth.         Bruce McPhie. 

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