Monday, July 08, 2019


* The US broke the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA - an international legal agreement ratified by the United Nations Security Council) over a year ago, when the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew. 

* Even the Obama administration which negotiated and signed the Iran nuclear agreement violated it. 

* The UN international nuclear agency (IAEA) consistently reported Iran in full compliance with the agreement.

* Other signatories have failed to fully honour it by not countering the effects of the unilateral US economic sanctions against Iran.

* Iran has been very patient and transparent about its intentions all along, and has given deadlines for the other signatories (especially UK, France, Germany) to bring effective relief from US sanctions.

* Iran recently exceeded the stockpiled amounts of nuclear materials because US sanctions prevented its export! 

* Iran’s uranium enrichment to higher levels is for their legal peaceful nuclear programme, still way below the 90% needed for nuclear weapons.

* Iran can reverse these changes when the other signatories honour their commitments to relieve US sanctions.

* Iran has no nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons programme. Israel has nuclear weapons!

* Iran, unlike Israel, has signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty and is under stringent international inspections.

* Iran has consistently renounced nuclear weapons, and called for a Nuclear Weapons Free Middle East.

* Iran has conventional weapons for its legitimate self-defense and deterrence against long-threatened attacks. 

* If attacked, Iran has had decades to prepare for asymmetrical warfare, and casualties would not be limited to Iran.

* The US must end its unilateral sanctions, economic warfare and military provocations and threats against Iran which are illegal under the UN Charter and international law.

* The other signatories to the JCPOA must act to effectively stop the illegal US sanctions, crimes against humanity.

* Iran deserves empathy and respect as the victim in this situation, and for showing patience and restraint.

* Beware of dishonest news stories and simplistic headlines pushing an anti-Iran bias and lies by those promoting conflict.

* Time for diplomacy and peaceful relations instead of economic bullying and thuggery. No one will win a war against Iran!

Bruce McPhie

July 9, 2019

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AUDIO INTERVIEW with leading Middle East and Asia analyst Dr. Mohammad Marandi, University of Tehran, on what’s really driving US-Iran tensions. 

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