Wednesday, January 25, 2006


There should have been no excuse for being conned into the war in Iraq.

There is no excuse for being conned into another war in Iran.

War in Iran may be closer than we think...and this time they are planning for it to be nuclear.

Yes, but the war profiteers mean business.

If we the people want peace, we better get very serious, very soon, as well.

Read this and it all makes sense:

The wolf, the goat, and Iran's revived nuclear program

U.S. policy toward Iran has a lot less to do with democracy or terrorism or Hizbullah or human rights - or nuclear weapons, for that matter - than it does with serving the needs of Israel.

Iranian report:

Mossad agent arrested on border with Turkey
Iranian intelligence agents arrested a man who worked for Iran's Gachsaran oil company some 20 years ago. Fourteen years ago, the man allegedly hijacked an Iranian plane and landed it in Israel. Farda News reported "the Zionist regime granted the man asylum and recruited him to work as a spy."

This Is How It Happened In Iraq: And How It'll Happen In Iran

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