Saturday, August 08, 2009

August 10
Agent Orange Day


On August 6th we shall commemorate the 64th anniversary of the
dropping of the atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima that caused the
instant death of 100,000 and left many thousands severely scarred by

Three days later on August 9th, the second atomic bomb dropped on
Nagasaki and caused the death of 70,000, again leaving many
thousands severely scarred.

On August 10th the people of Vietnam and its friends around the world will commemorate the 48th anniversary of the beginning of the spraying of the chemical Agent Orange.

For ten-years the spraying
continued over areas of South Vietnam resulted in the deaths of many
thousands in the wombs of the mothers, and many thousands of
abnormal births.

Today in Vietnam nearly four million Vietnamese
people are seriously affected by illnesses and disabilities as a direct
result of the use of Agent Orange.

This was a war crime by the United
States of America and one that has affected a third generation of
Vietnamese, and will soon, if not already, affect a fourth.

It is a crime that remains unpunished despite being taken before the
courts in the US including the US Supreme Court.

But in the highest court, that of World Opinion,
the thirty-seven chemical companies
headed by Monsanto, and the US Government, stand condemned.

We cannot and must not allow Justice to be denied to the Vietnamese
victims of Agent Orange.

We call on you, the reader of this appeal, to

send letters to the US Embassy, calling upon the US Government to
accept their responsibility for the damage caused by Agent Orange and
compensate the victims and their families.

Len Aldis
Secretary of the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society


Vietnam designates Agent Orange Day
Vietnam designated Aug. 10 the country's first Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims Day to draw attention to millions suffering from the effects of the defoliant used by U.S. forces during the Vietnam War.

Photo exhibit leads into Agent Orange day
A photo exhibition documenting the crippling effects Agent Orange has had on millions of Vietnamese victims opens in Ho Chi Minh City today as the country prepares for its first Orange Day, August 10.

Japanese donates film on deadly toxin US used in Vietnam
A Japanese woman, whose American husband is suspected to have died of exposure to Agent Orange, has donated a 70-minute documentary on the toxic chemical to the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange.



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