Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The New Issue Of Traveling Soldier Is Out!

This issue features:

1. “We definitely needed something more, more armor than just plywood and sandbags because that wasn’t really going to stop much” says Iraq vet Joseph Woods in the first installment of a three part interview with Traveling Soldier's T Barton.

2. “I have not heard a worthwhile nor just reason for staying the course” says Iraq veteran Captain Justin Gordon.

3. “The government had a plan, but it did not include the poor black people of the south” An active duty soldier speaks out about the war on Iraq and the abandonment of Katrina victims.

4. Media Chatter Ignored Soldiers for Cindy Sheehan

5. How the Soldiers Stopped the Vietnam War: a book review of the newly republished classic,

Soldiers in Revolt.

6. Download the new Traveling Soldier to pass it out at your school, workplace, or at nearby base.

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