Sunday, April 30, 2006

IAEA Finds No Proof of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

By Juan Cole
Here is its conclusion, which others will not quote for you at such length.

Turkey Refuses U.S. Request To Allow Attack On Iran From Turkish Base

By YNetNews

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said Sunday that his country refused a request from the United States to attack Iran from its Air Force base in Incirlik, despite the U.S. offer of a nuclear reactor, according to a report in Al Biyan.

The Security Council deadline myth

By Gordon Prather

Under a Safeguards Agreement concluded with the International Atomic Energy Agency – as required by the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons – Iran agreed to allow IAEA inspectors to "verify" that no "source or special nuclear materials" are being used in furtherance of a nuclear weapons program.

During the past three years, every report Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei has made to the IAEA Board concluded that – as best he can determine – no proscribed materials have been so used.

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