Wednesday, November 22, 2006

VIETNAM - Joining WTO, Agent Orange, useful websites for information

From Wilfred Gluud
Danish Vietnamese Association

- Friendship and Development

Dear Friends

I am currently writing an article in danish about Vietnam joining the WTO. Therefore I have collected the most interesting articles in english, and you can see the list on our website:

Please also note my Agent Orange webpage, which I keep updated with latest news:

And if you need more links about Vietnam, try:
Also Laos and Cambodia:

Selected b
ooks in English on Vietnam from Amazon(UK):

Len Aldis/Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society has a new website:

Best regards

Wilfred Gluud
Danish Vietnamese Association
- Friendship and Development


Monday, November 13, 2006

From Get Up!

A huge wave of change is sweeping the United States. George Bush's Republican Party has lost control of both houses of the US Congress. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a worldwide symbol of the administration's catastrophic failure in Iraq, has resigned. President Bush's Iraq policy now clings by a thread - discredited and rejected at home and abroad.

So what now for Australia?
The American people have finally forced the Bush administration to face its failure in Iraq. But the Australian Government appears to have no Iraq policy at all, other than to blindly support Bush's sinking ship.

Tell John Howard it's time for an independent Australian foreign policy plan in Iraq, including a clearly defined exit strategy.

As the months and years tick by, the Iraq war looks more like a never-ending nightmare. Independent reports estimate more than 500,000 Iraqis have been killed; millions are refugees. Experts warn civil war could soon pass the point of no return, while last month was one of the deadliest for Coalition troops since the war began.

As Australians, we have an obligation to do more than just wait for leadership from afar. Our Government must reclaim its independent foreign policy and moral responsibility for taking us to war in the first place, and John Howard must make it clear how much longer he plans keep Australian soldiers fighting George Bush's war without a workable plan for peace.

Help seize this critical moment in the global debate on Iraq to demand our Government think for itself, and give us real leadership. Tell John Howard he must no longer delay in setting out a plan for a new way forward, including a clearly defined exit strategy - and has until December 4, when Parliament concludes for the year, to deliver.

Blind support has led us down a failed path. With America's future in Iraq open to debate like never before, Australians want an honest conversation with our Government, so we can find an honourable path forward - and home.

Thanks for taking action,
The GetUp team

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bush’s Carnival of Blood
By Mike Whitney

This is a dark day for Americans and Iraqis alike.
Killing Saddam Hussein isn’t justice; its vengeance.
Only Bush believes the two are the same.

This was a guilty verdict on America as well
By Robert Fisk

So America's one-time ally has been sentenced to death for war crimes he committed when he was Washington's best friend in the Arab world.
America knew all about his atrocities and even supplied the gas - along with the British, of course - yet there we were yesterday declaring it to be, in the White House's words, another "great day for Iraq".

Iraq-Gate: The Secret History of How the United States Illegally Armed
Saddam Hussein.

Conversation with the journalist who broke the Iraq-gate scandal that involved President George Bush, James Baker and Donald Rumsfeld . This is a must listen

Is Bush Next?
Paul Craig Roberts

The show trial of Saddam Hussein was drawn out until two days before the midterm US elections.
The death sentence imposed on the former Iraqi president may help the deluded band of Bush supporters find victory in the defeat that Bush has met in Iraq and motivate them to support the beleaguered Republicans on November 7.

Saddam Was Key in early CIA plot
While many have thought that Saddam first became involved with U.S. intelligence agencies at the start of the September 1980 Iran-Iraq war, his first contacts with U.S. officials date back to 1959, when he was part of a CIA-authorized six-man squad tasked with assassinating then Iraqi Prime Minister Gen. Abd al-Karim Qasim.

Secret Message From James Baker to Tariq Aziz: Baker informs Aziz, whose government 13 months previously had gassed Kurdish villages, that "the United States seeks a broadened and deepened relationship with Iraq."

Iraq-Gate: The United States actively supported the Iraqi war effort by supplying the Iraqis with billions of dollars of credits, by providing U.S. military intelligence and advice to the Iraqis, and by closely monitoring third country arms sales to Iraq to make sure that Iraq had the military weaponry required.

A Brief History: US-Iraq 1980s
Iraq uses US-supplied military intelligence “to calibrate attacks with mustard gas on Iranian ground troops....”

America helped make a monster:
It is hard to believe that, during most of the 1980s, America knowingly permitted the Iraq Atomic Energy Commission to import bacterial cultures that might be used to build biological weapons.
But it happened.
The Secret Wars Of The CIA

How 6 million People Were killed in CIA secret wars.

By John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief in Angola.
He is a very compelling speaker and the highest level CIA officer to testify to the Congress about his actions.
He estimates that over 6 million people have died in CIA covert actions, and this was in the late 1980's.