Monday, December 18, 2006

A Tomdispatch
Christmas Travel Guide

By Nick ("Tongue Firmly in Cheek") Turse

Back in 2003, Tomdispatch offered you
a list of "Hot as Depleted Uranium Toys for a New Imperial Age."

In 2004, we gave you the inside scoop on how to "Make It a Merry Military-Corporate Christmas."

And last year, it was all about timeless holiday values like militarism, jingoism, and barbarism, as Tomdispatch wished you an "All-American Christmas."

This year --instead of offering a buyers guide to Christmas favorites like the instantly
classic T-shirt with Santa brandishing an automatic rifle, or the mouse pad featuring a B-52 bomber festooned with Christmas decorations, or even the children's "Peacekeepers" play set in which nearly all 100 accessories appear to be bazookas, rifles, pistols, mortars, grenades, mines, and other accoutrements we regularly associate with peace on Earth -- Tomdispatch will provide you with your own special holiday travel guide (with all the tips you need for that quick seasonal getaway).

So find your passport, pack your bags, and let us transport you with a holiday travel guide so complete it can't be beat.

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