Tuesday, July 17, 2007


An urgent appeal from Len Aldis!
Seeking Justice for the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange !
The worst chemical warfare in history!
Millions of innocent people still affected, into the 3rd generation already!

Dear Friends,

Recently I was videoed on the issue of Agent Orange.

You can view the video by going to:

Although short, it is an important video and part of our campaign seeking Justice for the Victims of Agent Orange. When you have finished viewing there are a few actions I would like you to take.

1/ Please make a comment on what you have seen, this is very easy to do and due to the issue of Agent Orange extremely important. The more comments people make, the longer the video will be on view.

2/ Please circulate the site’s address to all your friends and contacts asking them to view it. If you or your friends have a website, please ask them to put a link to the Video.

3/ Please sign and again ask your friends to sign the online petition:

Finally, let’s get the message on the Video across to people all over the world.
We can, with your help, win Justice for the Victims of Agent Orange.

Len Aldis

PS. Now, as they say, a word from the director of the video Jeremy Smith:

“I want to thank each and every one of you who does make a comment, as we really want this video to get noticed and they way that happens on our site is when people comment.” - Jeremy.

Len Aldis.
Secretary Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society
Flat 2, 26 Tomlins Grove
London E3 4NX
Tel & Fax: 0208 980 7146
Mobile: 0779 657 1017
Website: www.lenaldis.co.uk

Please help the victims of Agent Orange by signing the petition at:

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