Sunday, August 26, 2007

Citizens Arrest of Australian Attorney-General Philip Ruddock as a War Criminal.

" Philip Ruddock was about to address a symposium on Law & Liberty in the War on Terror, an anti-war activist confronted Ruddock with a formal Warrant, charging him with various war crimes.

Peter McGregor, a retired academic from Newcastle, was himself then arrested, & charged with 'unlawful entry on inclosed lands'.

McGregor also had criticized UNSW, the Law Faculty, & all present, for welcoming such a war criminal. "Ruddock's abandoning of Habeas Corpus, as both Minister for Immigration, & Attorney-General should make him a social pariah, & especially with academics & those who believe in the rule of law & human rights. In order for evil to triumph, it is enough for good people to do nothing."

Contact: Peter McGregor

Is the Empire's Economy Starting to Crumble?

The Vietnam war was basically financed by printing more dollars. The inflation that followed in the 1970s was exported around the world. The current war in Iraq is again being financed in a similar fashion. But it would seem that after 4 years of expenditure on the war that is now running at more than $US 12 billion per month that things may be starting to come apart.

Uncle Sam, Your Banker Will See You Now by Paul Craig Roberts
Iran steps up petro-dollar war with U.S. by J. R. Corsi

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