Friday, September 21, 2007

Islip and Liberation - another excellent free, daily, email alternative news bulletin from George Anthony.

Having discovered the esoterica of blogging, with a little help from friends, it occurred to yours truly, that a blog was not enough. One needs to take proactive action and give the occasional blog reader the nudge that there is more to life than reading the Guardian and the lesser purveyors of distortion.

So every day, incidentally as happened during the invasion of Iraq, a bulletin is issued after culling useful information from the CeeFax, the Morning Star, the Financial Times, aljazeera news on Sky and website, and the daily emailings to On Sunday's the Observer.

The service is free, but yours truly and those at the Arkwright Road office, like to think it might build the circulation of the Liberation journal and the Islip newsletter.

The whole exercise takes about two hours a day, the Islip bulletin concentrated on economic and political news, that Islip readers tastes are well known for. The Liberation bulletin concentrating on international news and human rights events, something it has been famous for, for over fifty years.

Please join up by emailing to or for your delectation and information.

George Anthony

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