Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dear Friends,

AGENT ORANGE Online petition under attack

Some weeks ago, shortly after the petition reached 700,000 (it is now approaching 711,000) signatures, the petition began to receive a number of comments of an obscene and insulting nature, these, of course had to be deleted, and were. Unfortunately, they have continued and have made the petition look unsightly with “Signature rejected” in place of the name of the person.

These comments are an insult to the very people we are trying to help by seeking justice, namely the tragic victims of Agent Orange. Their actions undermine the petition’s objective.


The online petition is only one part of an international campaign to gather worldwide support for the victims of Agent Orange. Its success has played an important part in that campaign. Many organisations and individuals have put a link to the petition on their websites. Let me express here our sincere thanks to each and everyone of them for their valuable support.

We are very pleased that Friction.TV has produced an online video on Agent Orange that viewers can hear and see me speak and view the photographs of some of the victims. The video gives the viewers and opportunity to comment on the issue. In just a few months, nearly 8,000 viewers have seen the video and a number have make comments. We are also very pleased that the video now appears on YouTube.


Allowing for a few sick-minded people, and those who are anti-Vietnamese, it is difficult to know, as those who made the comments did not have the courage to put their name. Readers of this letter may have their views on who and why is responsible.


To continue with the online petition would face the risk of further insulting comments.

It is therefore with great regret that we have decided to stop the gathering of signatures.

We will continue our support to the international campaign for justice and seek other ways for people to express their support for victims of Agent Orange.

Let me end by expressing once again our sincere thanks to the over 700,000 thousand from many lands who have supported the petition. We also wish to thank PetitionOnline for hosting the petition and for their support and advice.

We are proud to have received wide support and messages of goodwill since the petition went online.

Rest assured

Len Aldis


Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society
London. UK
October 2007

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