Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is a "must watch" video speech by John Pilger!

'Freedom Next Time'
Propaganda as Journalism

Australian journalist, author, film maker John Pilger speaks about global media consolidation, war by journalism, US military's quest for domination/hegemony in the post 9/11 era, false history in the guise of 'objective' journalism.

A brilliant speech which explains how mainstream journalism has been corrupted as a propaganda tool of the elite . . . and what should be done about it!

John Pilger was born and educated in Sydney, Australia. He has been a war correspondent, film-maker and playwright. Based in London, he has written from many countries and has twice won British journalism's highest award, that of "Journalist of the Year," for his work in Vietnam and Cambodia.

From Glory Boy to PoW Songbird
John McCain: War Hero or North Vietnam's Go-To Collaborator?

By Douglas Valentine

In the fall of 1967, Navy pilot John McCain was routinely bombing Hanoi from an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea. On October 26, he was trying to level a power plant in a heavily populated area when a surface-to-air missile knocked a wing off his jet. . . .

Read this and decide if John McCain is a "war hero" . . . or a war criminal.

The Vietnamese had good reason to hate McCain.
On his previous 22 missions, he had dropped God knows how many bombs killing God knows how many innocent civilians.

“I am a war criminal,”
he confessed on “60 Minutes” in 1997.
“I bombed innocent women and children.”

If he is sincere when he says that, why isn’t he being tried for war crimes?

How 'war hero' John McCain betrayed the Vietnamese peasant who saved his life:

In an extraordinary act of compassion at a time when Vietnamese citizens were being killed by US aerial bombardments, he pulled a barely conscious McCain to the lake surface and, with the help of a neighbour, dragged him towards the shore. Click above to read more. . . .

Obama And McCain:
Two Sides Of The Same Coin

By Timothy V. Gatto
I've waited to write this article for a while now. I used to be a loyal die-hard Democrat for 54 years of my life. I no longer know what a "Democrat" is anymore; I don't know what a "Progressive" is either. I once thought that a "Progressive" was words that people who were too shy to say they were "liberals" used in its place. I don't feel that way anymore.

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