Friday, June 13, 2008

What Happened: Dennis Kucinich, President Bush, and Impeachment
House Democrats swept away a proposal by former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich to impeach President Bush for, among other charges, allegedly lying to the American public about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
Drive to impeach Bush 'to continue' :
A US congressman and former presidential candidate has vowed not to give up his fight to impeach the president over going to war in Iraq, after the House of Representatives sidelined his bill, possibly until after George Bush leaves office.
Speaker Must Be Removed For Her Illegal Position on Impeachment Investigation:
Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States. Speaker Pelosi's position remains, "Impeachment is off the table." This is not leadership, but complicity with war crimes:

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