Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The 'Vietnam War' showed how the politicians and military can "take a good boy and turn him into a monster", by engaging in a criminal, imperialist war sold to the public by lies.

Inevitably, it is happening again in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. . . and wherever else the fake 'War on Terror' goes. It is in fact a War OF Terror, for the profits of the capitalist ruling class and war profiteers, and WE are the terrorists - the USA and all countries which collaborate with their crimes, including Australia.

We ALL are the guilty ones as long as WE all allow this to continue in our name.


What Adam Winfield, one of the U.S. soldiers accused of killing civilians in Afghanistan, told his father:

"Everyone Just Wants to Kill People at any Cost"

By Mark Benjamin

"The Army really let me down when I thought I would come out here to do good, maybe make some change in this country. I find out that its all a lie."

Mission Creep In Afghanistan / Pakistan

By Eric Margolis

Pakistanis are furious and humiliated by the American attacks. Continue

War on Terror Logic

By Glenn Greenwald

The very idea that we're going to reduce Terrorism by more intensively bombing more Muslim countries is one of the most patently absurd, self-contradicting premises that exists. Continue

Obama’s Cave-In To Israel

By Jonathan Cook

The disclosure of the details of a letter reportedly sent by President Barack Obama last week to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, will cause Palestinians to be even more sceptical about US and Israeli roles in the current peace talks.

Death Squads, Porn, Hashish And Killing For Kicks … It’s Not Just A Few “Bad Apples”: For as long as Americans continue to believe that their country is "the shining city on the hill" that they are the "good guys" and are entitled to do "whatever it takes" this sort of barbarity will take place and Americans, all of them will be associated with it in the minds of Muslims throughout the world.

Interview with Robert Fisk: we preach democracy yet befriend dictators: There is a great understanding in the Middle East of what history has done to it and what we [the West] have done in history. So I’m not really sure that they always want to buy our products, like human rights or democracy because we have not always demonstrated them to them. Very often we’ve bombed them, in fact.

Guatemala fury over US sex disease tests: Initially, the researchers infected female Guatemalan commercial sex workers with gonorrhea or syphilis, then allowed them to have unprotected sex with soldiers or prison inmates.

Maddow: US quietly testing ‘scary new war in Pakistan’: "Borders matter" and "AfPak" is not the name of a single country. Contrary to popular and media opinion, America is now fighting in three countries: Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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