Monday, April 04, 2011

Libya now becomes the latest country to be bombed by so-called 'civilized' Western nations, including with DEPLETED URANIUM horror weapons of mass destruction, that go on killing and deforming into future generations.


"Afghanistan after democracy: the untold story through photographic images" is the story of suffering of the Afghan people. This book exposes the lies of the Bush administration about the post-Taliban Afghanistan, and the disaster brought upon Afghanistan by the United States of America and her allies.

It exposes democracy as the buzz word for the neocolonial adventure of the US. The claims of reconstruction in Afghanistan is nothing but a total fraud. It exposes the failure of the US government at all levels in Afghanistan.

Finally, it exposes the genocide committed by the US government through the use of uranium weapons and the consequences of these weapons of mass destruction particularly congenital deformities.

Large percentage of the earning from this book would be spent toward projects in Afghanistan. Particularly, my hope is to build a hospital with an adjacent research facility.

The book is now available through this web site and will be shipped to you expeditiously.

Dr Miraki


I took this photo on the last day of my journey: one the triplets

Afghanistan has become the disaster words could not describe, hence, I decided to illustrate this disaster via these photos of babies born deformed.

On many occasions, I pointed out that we need funds to build a research institute and the linked monitoring stations. Unfortunately, majority of you simply brushed off my request. I wonder if these photos could make you think.

Again, it is up to you, to do whatever you think is humane; however, it should not be too difficult. The funds for the research institute are very small price you have to pay after all your tax dollars--though you are not in control of-- have nonetheless created this disaster. If everyone visiting this web site pays the amount they spend on soft drinks in a month, we would have the funds to build our research facility.

Dr Miraki



Due to the use of massive amount of uranium munitions used by the US forces in the initial bombing and subsequently, massive amount of congenital deformities occur all over Afghanistan. The rate of various cancers has gone up significantly. Leukemia and esophageal cancers are very high among children.

According to doctors at maternity and children hospitals in Kabul, the rate of various congenital deformities have increased by many folds since the US invasion. In fact, the magnitude of man made isotopes was established by the Uranium Medical Research Center after their investigators made to trips to Afghanistan and collected urine and soil samples.

They established that the rate of man made isotopes was gone up 2000 times in some subjects located near the bombed areas.

Since uranium used in the weapons have a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the US forces ensured that generations of Afghans suffer from cancers and deformities. This is certainly not development. In fact, it is the biggest crime ever committed by anyone in the history of humanity.

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