Saturday, August 20, 2011

"In times of war, the first casualty is truth."

There is a very long history of the mass media deliberately lying us into criminal and unnecessary wars of aggression one after another, based on false reporting, and complete abandonment of any journalistic ethics.

Too often media owners, editors and journalists have blood on their hands after facilitating and feeding wars of aggression, the ultimate war crimes.

Is there any media tribunal in which the guilty media parties could be held to account?

I found this interesting article:

"Journalists who Engage in War Propaganda must be Tried by International Justice"

By Thierry Meyssan

"The war propaganda has entered a new phase, involving the coordinated action of satellite TV stations. CNN, France24, the BBC and Al Jazeera have become instruments of disinformation used to demonize governments and justify armed aggressions.

These practices are illegal under international law and the impunity of the perpetrators must be stopped...

Now, after the Second World War, the United Nations General Assembly passed legislation to prohibit and punish such practices.

Resolution 110 of 3 November 1947 regarding "measures to be taken against propaganda and the inciters of a new war," condemns "propaganda which is either designed or likely to provoke or encourage any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression. "

Resolution 381 of 17 November 1950 further strengthens this condemnation by condemning the censorship of conflicting information as part of the propaganda against peace...

Words and, especially, images can be used to prepare the worst crimes. In this case, the intoxication by CNN, France24, the BBC and Al Jazeera constitute "crimes against peace."

They should be considered as being more serious than the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by NATO in Libya and by Western intelligence agencies in Syria insofar as they precede and make them possible.

Journalists who engage in war propaganda must be tried by International Justice."

So, when will charges be laid against the media war mongers?!

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