Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are you disturbed by the news that Oz looks like getting dragged even deeper into the criminal US war machine by allowing a US drone base on Australian soil (Cocos Islands)?

US drones are engaged in CIA extra-judicial targeted assassinations in many countries around the world, which actually kills far more innocent men, women and children ("collateral damage"!) than most people realize, thus creating even more enemies.

Do Australians really think that implicating us even more directly in this criminal behaviour is in our personal or national interest?

Australia has long been used and abused by hosting some of the most important US military bases on our territory, which means compromising our foreign policy independence.

Australia continues to participate in the criminal war of aggression and occupation in Afghanistan, sold to the public by lies as usual.

And now the first of many more US Marines have just  arrived at their new base in Darwin, with far-reaching consequences that we may come to regret.

Sadly, Australia continues its pathetic bi-partisan subservience to the evil imperialist war machine under Prime Minister Julia ("All the way with USA war crimes") Gillard.

Where is the public response to all this?  Or have Australians been raised like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit, by a dumbed-down mass media?

I feel ashamed as an Australian!

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