Friday, June 08, 2012

Why I cannot support the Avaaz campaign to 
"Stop Syria's death dealer".
(Which particular "death dealer" would that be, then?!)

Greetings Avaaz

I cannot support this campaign by Avaaz, taking one particular side in the Syria conflict.  Although I have often supported Avaaz campaigns, I believe this time you are wrong.   
I believe your campaign is either wittingly, or unwittingly, serving the long-term imperialist agenda of regime change in Syria to destroy an independent government for the perceived strategic interests of  Israel and imperialism.

Not one word from Avaaz against the terrorist violence and massacres by the Syrian "rebels", who are supported, armed and trained by foreign governments!
Right from the very beginning of learning about the horrible Houla massacre, there was no evidence that the Syrian government conducted it - just a lot of misinformation, lies, changing of stories - yet much of the world, including Avaaz, immediately condemned the Syrian government, and diplomats were expelled, even before any independent verification of what had actually happened!

To me, this smells of deliberate "false flag" propaganda on the part of the "rebels" and their foreign backers.  The Syrian government had everything to lose from such a massacre, and the “rebels” had everything to gain - as we have seen.

Anyway, regardless of that, both sides can be guilty of massacres, not just one side, so putting all blame on just the Syrian government, which is after all facing an armed and foreign-supported insurgency determined to overthrow it by any means, is just plain ludicrous.

The lessons of the US/NATO criminal assault on and destruction of Libya, entirely sold to the world with self-serving lies and fake news, should be enough for us to understand the imperialist agenda now unfolding in Syria, Iran and elsewhere. 

If Avaaz wants to defuse the conflict by cutting off weapons, why do you only target one side? 

Instead of supporting one side in the Syrian conflict, I believe Avaaz would do better to expose the machinations of imperialism, which most people fail to understand at our peril, instead of effectively colluding in their horrendous crimes. 

There are many references on my blog which expand on the views I have briefly expressed here.  To understand the context of what is happening in Syria, and why, I can recommend these for starters.  I would welcome your response to these articles:
Sorry, but I cannot support Avaaz on this particular campaign.  I would support an Avaaz campaign against the Obama war crimes, including the criminal use of drones in extra-judicial murder, but I cannot support any campaign that aids the imperialist war agenda.

Bruce McPhie
June 8, 2012 


Roberto B.R. said...

you said "campaign (...) to destroy an independent government for the perceived strategic interests of Israel and imperialism. "

well... independent government. Right, Stalin, Hitler, Mubarak, Sadam Hussein, etc were also 'independent' in the way that you indicate, if you mean that "independent" means authocratic, autoritariand and dictatorial. You may not defend their campaign but your arguments are VERY weak, and not based on facts, can you provide anything looking slightly as a proof of anything you argue?

Do you know about the massacre that Assad's father carried out?

By the way, I remind you: Avaaz is not asking to bomb Syria or kill Assad, but to send a big body of inspectors. So, what is your plan to stop the killing of thousands?

Anonymous said...

Response from Bruce:

No, "independent government" simply means a government that is not a slave or puppet to another country. It has nothing to do with the quality or type of that government, as you suggest. An independent government could just as easily be democratic and popular. It would still be overthrown if its independence didn't suit the bullying imperialist powers.

Some of the "facts" and "proof" of my position on Syria were included in the web links in my email to Avaaz. I suggest you actually read them.

Further facts and proof can also be found here:

Do you know anything about the massacres that opponents of Assad have carried out?

Massacres go hand in hand with war. If we don't stop this worsening situation in Syria, how many more innocent people will be slaughtered there?

Avaaz may not be directly "asking to bomb Syria or kill Assad", but indirectly the Avaaz campaign is leading exactly there, which is exactly what the imperialist war mongers are itching to do.

The Avaaz campaign wants to deny weapons to a state facing foreign-supported terrorists, but says nothing about the foreign-supplied weapons going to the terrorists. They want to weaken one side, and assist the other.

Does that sound like a "plan to stop the killing"?

The real plan to stop the killing is very simple:

1. Expose the imperialist nature of the foreign-supported armed insurgency, which is part of the long-term agenda of regime change.

2. Stop the foreign military aggression against an independent, legal state of the United Nations.

3. Support the political reform process which has already been started, but which the armed "rebels" and terrorists and their foreign supporters wish to ignore or destroy.

4. Continue the reform process that has already been started, through peaceful, non-military dialogue and participation by Syrian people.

Let the lessons of history be learned. In Libya, for example, a bogus "humanitarian intervention" has destroyed a country and killed tens of thousands of Libyans - and it was all based on lies!

"In times of war, the first casualty is truth."