Friday, September 21, 2012

'Capitalism Hits the Fan' - Richard Wolff
Video - lecture by Prof. Richard Wolff

University of Massachusetts Economics Professor Richard Wolff breaks down the root causes of today's economic crisis, showing how it was decades in the making and in fact reflects seismic failures within the structures of American-style capitalism itself.
Every word and minute of this brilliant 1:45 lecture should grab your attention!

'Capitalism Hits the Fan'
A lecture by Richard Wolff (Unabridged Version). Transcript. - PDF
Filmed by Paul Hubbard at Brown University, Providence RI on 12-2-09


Is Obama the Trojan Horse, a Psychopath or a Bad Boyfriend?

By Jill Dalton
". . .I believe Barack Obama was put into office to do what no Republican could ever have gotten away with. . ."  Continue


"They" Hate Us Because We Bomb Them

A short and to the point 5 minute VIDEO - highly recommended!

Abby Martin dissects the ongoing narrative of sweeping generalizations resounding in the establishment following a wave of protests that have spread across the Muslim world and explores why 'they' really hate the West.  

Abby wraps up with a look at the US’s notorious international military training facility, the School of the Americas, with interviews from peace activist Father Roy Bourgeois, and takes a closer look at US foreign policy in Latin America in a discussion with RT Producer Rachel Kurzius.    


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