Saturday, March 08, 2014

Western media routinely "demonizes" Russian President Putin, with selective and dishonest reporting. Before jumping on that bandwagon, read this transcript of an informative talk given by Putin to reporters. Make up your own mind who is talking sense:

Who was really behind the violence in Kiev, where protestors and police were killed?:

By David Peterson 
 A stunning example of suppression of an important revelation, plain and simple. Continue

When it comes to Western-sponsored "regime change", there has been a pattern of peaceful demonstrations turning very violent, with unknown snipers firing into the crowds:

The Momentum for “Regime Change”: 
Snipers Are Commonly Used as “False Flag” Terrorists ...

While the Western media dishonestly presents Russia as the bogey man in Ukraine, let's remind ourselves of a little bit of history that they would prefer you to never know:

A handy, but incomplete, history guide -- from A (Argentina) to Z (Zaire)


And while the world's attention is focused on Ukraine, the Empire is up to its dirty tricks yet again in Venezuela:

Venezuela, the United States, and Obama
By Paul Street

If Obama assisted right wing coups to preserve oligarchic and military rule in the relatively small and economically insignificant nations of Honduras and Paraguay, it’s not much of a reach to imagine he would like to see regime change in socialist Venezuela.

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