Monday, April 14, 2014

New claims say Ankara worked with the US and Britain to smuggle Gaddafi's guns to rebel groups.  Continue

By Spencer Ackerman
Senate committee found CIA interrogations and detentions to be 'brutal'.  Continue

CIA’s Use of Torture Went Beyond Legal Authority, Senate Report Rays
By Ali Watkins, Jonathan S. Landay and Marisa Taylor
The CIA’s claim “is BS,” said a former U.S. official.  

Venezuela Shows That Protest Can Be A Defence Of Privilege
By Seumas Milne
Street action is now regularly used with western backing to target elected governments in the interests of elites.  Continue

Remember the almost-war in Syria last year? 

Western leaders and news media told us with certainty that Syria's government had used chemical weapons against civilians.

At the time, many voices in the alternative media knew otherwise. Well, now it is confirmed ~ we were right; they were wrong.


An explosive new report by American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh -- which our media won't touch -- is a must read!


For the first time, six former senior American officials issued a statement candidly accusing Israel of breaching international law and undermining peace talks.

China’s ban on US corn containing traces of unapproved genetically modified maize caused a significant drop in US exports that has cost US traders $427 million in sales. Last year Mexico banned GMO corn. Last week, Russia banned the import of GMO food into the country.

Joe Emersberger calls out Human Rights Watch on their latest attempt to “mislead” people about the content of Venezuelan media.

Why US Fracking Companies Are Licking Their Lips Over Ukraine
By Naomi Klein

The natural gas industry is supreme at exploiting crisis for private gain – what I call the shock doctrine.  Continue

Human Extinction In Our Lifetime?
By Professor Guy McPherson
Global warming is real - and possibly even worse than we've been told. Could it lead to the destruction of human civilization within just a few decades?

We Need an Apartheid-style Boycott to Save the Planet
By Desmond Tutu 

Twenty-five years ago people could be excused for not knowing much, or doing much, about climate change. Today we have no excuse.  Continue

Neoliberalism and the Machinery of Disposability
By Henry A Giroux
Americans now live in a society in which almost everyone is spied on, considered a potential terrorist, and subject to a mode of state and corporate lawlessness in which the arrogance of power knows no limits.  Continue

Zombie Democracy in the U.S.
By Ajamu Baraka
I have always found discussions on democracy in the U.S. curious and at times hilarious.  Continue

White House Lies to EU about US Gas Supply
By William Engdahl
Recent statements by US President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are so patently false that it betrays an incredible desperation in Washington over the situation in Ukraine versus Moscow.  

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