Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Vietnam - US Friendship Association

The Vietnam-American Friendship Association (VAFA) was established on October 17, 1945, 45 days after President Ho Chi Minh read the Proclamation of Independence, giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam (now Socialist Republic of Viet Nam) on September 2, 1945. It is the first bilateral friendship association in Vietnam founded by President Ho Chi Minh. For over 68 years, the association has made great contributions to promoting friendship between the two nations through people-to-people diplomatic activities.

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Through the Vietnam-USA Society (VUS), the American war veterans
Association has so far provided Vietnam with about 300 files related to 10,000 
Vietnamese soldiers who died and went missing during the war and helped Vietnam 
search for and collect about 1,000 martyrs.

As a result of the American War, Viet Nam has about 300,000 Missing-In-Action soldiers throughout the country. Trying to find their remains, repatriate them, and provide some closure for family and loved ones, remains a full-time mission.

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