Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wars don't end when the shooting stops. . . 
Four decades after Agent Orange - heartbreaking pictures show even now babies in Vietnam are being born with horrific defects

  • * Babies in Vietnam still being born with birth defects due to Agent Orange, despite 40 years since conflict with U.S.
  • * Chemical was sprayed on crops, plants and trees by U.S. military to destroy cover for guerrilla fighters
  • * The dioxin can cause a range of birth defects as well as cancer and reproductive abnormalities
  • * Heartbreaking pictures were captured by British-born photographer Francis Wade on trip to Vietnam
  • * Said he visited the Thi Nghe and Thien Phuoc orphanages to show the devastating effects still being felt

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    Some notes on the article:

    1. Although the spraying of US chemicals over southern Viet Nam may have stopped in 1971, the war did not end until 1975.

    2. Agent Orange was the most common, but only one of a kaleidoscope of toxic chemicals used by the US military as instruments of war, including Agents Purple, Pink and Green.

    3. The bodies pictured "lying on the road in Southern Vietnam after a U.S. airstrike" are actually some of the 504 civilian victims of the U.S. massacre at My Lai on June 16, 1968.

    4. A conference at Yale University in 2003 concluded that in Viet Nam the U.S. had conducted the "largest chemical warfare campaign in history."

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