Wednesday, July 02, 2014

These 5 Censored Books Tell a History the Establishment Wants Hidden

Abby Martin speaks with NYU media studies professor, Mark Crispin Miller, about five historical books that have been actively suppressed and hidden from the American public.

* Interference, by Dan E. Moldea.
The Search for an Abortionist, by Nancy Howell Lee.
The Lords of Creation, by Frederick Lewis Allen.
Blowback, by Christopher Simpson.

* The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine.
The best-documented expose of the C.I.A.'s shocking torture and 
political assassination program in south Vietnam.

Link to the RT VIDEO (12:48)

At the 15:00 minute mark in this video, Abby Martin at RT interviews Mark Crispin Miller about how The Phoenix Program was suppressed:

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