Thursday, December 04, 2014

“… The Ukrainians will suffer badly as their country is trashed and looted... Maybe there will be counter revolution when it gets really bad. There is no pretense at fostering 'capitalism' and 'efficient markets' anymore. It is all about theft, the gold has gone, the goons are in place, public assets will be sold off, benefits/pensions slashed.....etc.”                                                                  Comment from Nexus789 at

Made in the USA
How the Ukrainian Government is Giving Away Citizenships so Foreigners Can Run the Country

By Michael Krieger
"...At the top of the list is American, Natalie Jaresko, who runs private equity fund Horizon Capital. She will now be Ukraine’s Finance Minister..."

Ukraine: US investment banker is the new finance minister The American investment banker Natalia Jaresko got fast-tracked the Ukrainian citizenship, so that the woman can become finance minister of ‘Jaz’ Yatsenyuk. She is also CEO of a US state financial investor. Prior to her work in the financial sector she was an employee at the US Department of State.

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