Monday, January 26, 2015

Why I will NOT be watching the latest Hollywood warmongering movie: ‘American Sniper’. . .

Rather than glorifying false 'heroes' who are actually war criminals, such as Chris Kyle, we should be targeting the Rumsfelds and Cheneys, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and other criminals who put Kyle and his high-powered rifle on rooftops in Iraq and asked him to shoot innocent men, women and children, including people legitimately resisting an illegal war of aggression inflicted on them. 

Iraq was an illegal war of aggression, sold to the public by deliberately fabricated lies, which has destroyed millions of innocent people, and fueled more terrorism, all to advance the selfish interests of the ruling class of an evil Empire that belongs in the dustbin of history. 

If the Nuremberg Principles had been applied to the war crimes against Viet Nam & Iraq, etc., Western political and military leaders would have been condemned and executed, just as Nazis were after World War 2.

Those responsible for the Iraq War should not be free to sit in a cinema watching this Hollywood propaganda distortion of history - they should be punished as war criminals. 

If ordinary people can actually watch this movie and laugh, and cheer war criminal Chris Kyle, we know how successful the militaristic brainwashing has been, and how little decency and humanity is left in so-called 'Western civilization'.                                              Bruce McPhie.

Killing Ragheads for Jesus
By Chris Hedges
The movie “American Sniper” lionizes the most despicable aspects of U.S. society—including the belief that Christians are called upon to exterminate “lesser breeds.” 

WATCH: Chomsky Blasts 'American Sniper' and the Media that Glorifies It
By Janet Allon 

The famed professor draws a disturbing parallel between "Sniper" and our "global assassination program."Continue

Why Do Critics Love American Sniper?
By Jonathan Cook

The only reason audiences could be raving about American Sniper, is that it closely aligns with the mood of self-pity that currently dominates in the US. 

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