Thursday, August 04, 2016

CORRECTION: Hillary Clinton is not the first woman to run for U.S. President. Remember Cynthia McKinney, Gloria LaRiva and currently Dr. Jill Stein. Otherwise, this is an insightful article about Syria:

EXTRACTS from the article:   

Western governments and media engage in cynical word games by referring to some of the Syrian fighters as “moderates” and “rebels”. The United States and its NATO allies, Britain and France, have worked with their regional partners Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey in their covert, dirty war of regime change against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The death-cult mercenaries for this foreign conspiracy of regime change in Syria have come from all over the world, from some 100 countries, including Western and Arab states, as well as from Russia’s Caucuses.

Syria’s torturous conflict was imposed on the country by the US and its allies for the purpose of regime change under the guise of a “pro-democracy” uprising. What an indictment that is of Washington’s criminality and that of its rogue state cronies. Some 400,000 people killed over the past five years and nearly half the population of 23 million turned into refugees. The refugee crisis and blowback terrorism that Europe is confronted with are also repercussions from this foreign criminal conspiracy to subvert Syria.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin resolved to send in his military forces to salvage Syria at the end of September 2015, the turnaround was immediate and crucial. The industrial-scale oil smuggling routes run by the jihadist networks in eastern Syria were smashed by Russian air power. That cut off major financial support to the jihadists which the Turkish state had facilitated. That, in turn, left the terrorist center at Raqqa to wither from isolation. 

The retaking of ancient Palmyra in the center of Syria with its world-class archaeological heritage was also another momentous victory for the Syrian army and its Russian ally. The holding of a classical music concert by Russian artists among the Romanesque ruins recaptured from terrorists was not merely smart public relations. It spoke eloquently of what the Syrian war was all about. A conflict between a sovereign nation supported by Russia against barbaric killers mobilized by lawless foreign powers.

For years, Western media have spun a torrent of lies and fabrications, claiming that “rebels” were fighting for democracy against a “tyrannical regime”. They are being seen for what they are: a network of terrorist mercenaries deployed by the United States and its allies.

Now they turn to a new narrative for distraction – the “wonderful” nomination of Hillary Clinton, with glowing quotes from Clinton on how she will lead America and the world in defeating jihadist terrorism. This is the same Clinton who as US Secretary of State (2009-2013) orchestrated the covert war for regime change in Syria, with the despicable deployment of terrorist mercenaries guided by the American Central Intelligence Agency.

A warmonger posing as a champion for world peace and law and order? This breath-taking, absurd deception is only made possible because of the way Western media operate to change the narrative, distort perspectives and obliterate the facts. One of the culprit architects of the criminal war on Syria is – Hillary Clinton.

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