Friday, August 07, 2009

Honduras: Military Coup Engineered By Two US Companies?

By John Perkins

The big companies are determined to stop what they call a ‘leftist revolt’ in this hemisphere. In throwing out Zelaya they are sending frightening messages to all the other presidents who are trying to raise the living standards of their people. Continue


Our Suicide Bombers

Thoughts on Western Jihad

By John Feffer

In America's first war against Islam, we were the ones who introduced the use of suicide bombers. Indeed, the American seamen who perished in the incident were among the U.S. military's first missing in action. Continue


Books That Counter Our "Training" To Make War

By John Pilger

These are extraordinary times. Flag-wrapped coffins of 18-year-old soldiers killed in a failed, illegal and vengeful invasion are paraded along a Wiltshire high street. Victory in Afghanistan is at hand, says the satirical Gordon Brown. Continue


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