Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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We are proud to share a statement on nuclear weapons from cricketing great Ian Chappell.

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Ian Chappell supports ICAN
New ICAN Supporter - Legendary Australian cricketer and sports commentator Ian Chappell writes about his reasons to support ICAN:

“When I think about nuclear weapons a few things come to mind.

We all have family or know of friends who have young ones; in what sort of world would we like them to grow up?

Certainly not one that could be devastated by the exploding of a nuclear device; the consequences are too horrible to imagine when it involves any human being let alone some one close to you.

Then, when you read exactly how much can be saved per year if we eradicated nuclear arsenals it makes sense to want a world without these devastating weapons.

The money saved each year in a world free of Nuclear weapons is enough to resolve many of the major issues that are currently troubling this planet.

If we want our legacy to future generations to be one we’re proud of, then pushing for a world that is devoid of Nuclear weapons would have an enormously positive affect on the planet our kids and their off-spring inherit.

And finally, there’s the futility of war. War kills millions of people, many of them innocent bystanders and worse still leaves behind the physically and mentally maimed, all because grown men don’t see eye to eye.

When I think of war there’s one recurring thought; if fighting is so important how come those who make the decision to engage never go anywhere near the firing line?

For all these reasons – I support the work of ICAN.”

Ian Chappell – March 2010

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