Sunday, June 09, 2013

From The Real News. . .

Obama Defends "Big Brother" Powers
Larry Wilkerson: The NSA's illegal gathering of almost all means of communication sacrifices privacy without improving national security
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Obama Appoints "Humanitarian Interventionists" to Key Positions
Larry Wilkerson: The appointment of Susan Rice as National Security Advisor and nomination of Samantha Power to the UN is a concern as both favor using military power to intervene in other countries affairs
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Obama Nominee to the UN, Advised Violating UN Resolution on Libya
David Swanson: Samantha Power advocated regime change in Libya when UN resolution was specifically restricted to defense of Benghazi
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Calls for One Democratic State in all of Palestine Increase
Twenty years after the Oslo Accords which promised to end the Israeli occupation with a two-state solution, the alternative democratic solution is gaining traction
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Bradley Manning Supporters Say Exposing Criminals is not a Crime
Outside Ft. Meade where Bradley Manning's trial will take place, hundreds rallied to say that Obama Admin. attacks on whistle-blowers is an attack on democracy (Note: estimates of crowd size varied from 500 to over one thousand).
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Manning Supporters Demand His Freedom, Rally Outside Fort Meade
Over 1,000 Bradley Manning supporters from around the country rally outside Fort Meade, Maryland ahead of Manning's June 3rd trial.
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Gov Seeks Life for Manning; Hammond Could Face Ten Years
Michael Ratner: The government uses a sledge hammer to go after "truth tellers" Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond and Julian Assange
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