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"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my Government. . ."
(to the left) Quote From Rev. King's sermon "BEYOND VIETNAM a TIME to BREAK SILENCE"
Rev. Dr. Marin Luther King Jnr.
King Condemned US Wars Maintaining Predatory
Capitalist Investments And Was Shot Dead

By Jay Janson
For forty-five years US corporate owned and operated media, has made sure that not only American children, but the rest of its world-wide audience as well, hear or read nothing of King’s blistering condemnation of US wars.     

The Conspiracy to Kill MLK: Not a Theory But a Fact
By Ira Chernus
On April 4, 1968, the government was part of a successful conspiracy to assassinate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.       

Michael Ratner: Anniversary of King's "Beyond Vietnam Speech" and release of Wikileaks "Collateral Murder" video
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 A Time to Break Silence

By Rev. Martin Luther King -
Audio and Text

"Beyond Vietnam" speech delivered at New York's Riverside Church on April 4, 1967 -- A year to the day before he was murdered -- King called the United States "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."  

Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence
Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. made the comment that the U.S. government [was/is] "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today". This was in context to a speech delivered on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York City - exactly one year before his untimely death.
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Rev. Martin Luther King Condemned US Wars (International Awareness Campaign)  

Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign

A Syrian's Perspective:
Democracy vs. Foreign Invasion. Who is Bashar Al Assad?

By Arabi Souri
Bashar is a reformer who has done much to further the causes of democracy and freedom.      

9/11: Illegitimacy of US Government
By Dr. Kevin Barrett
New York City asks: What happened to the 1,116 missing 9/11 victims?

April 02, 2013 - Information Clearing House -"Press TV" - 

More than 11 years after the catastrophic destruction of the World Trade Center, New York City’s government is finally asking: What in the world could have happened to the missing 1,116 victims?

In every building collapse in history, all of the victims’ bodies have been recovered more or less intact. That is because falling buildings crush human bodies. They do not shred them into tiny pieces, or cause them to vanish into thin air.

Yet on September 11th, 2001, the most famous “building collapses” in history somehow caused the bodies of more than 1,000 victims to magically disappear. Not even a shred of skin, a fragment of fingernail, or a shard of bone from any of these bodies was ever recovered, despite meticulous “sifting and bucketing” efforts.

But that’s not the only mystery. . .

The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery
By Ron Paul
The elites in the EU and IMF have openly talked about using Cyprus as a template for future bank bailouts. This raises the prospect of raids on bank accounts, pension funds, and any investments the government can get its hands on.     Continue

US political leaders and media pundits trumpet North Korea's recent testing of missiles and nuclear weapons as a great threat. But the US mass media do not tell the whole story.

By Finian Cunningham
The conflict emanates from Washington and is perpetuated by Washington. Why? To justify what would otherwise be seen as simply outrageous US militarism in the Asia Pacific.   Continue


Prosecutable US Crimes Against Humanity In Korea
By Jay Janson
Following is a short history of homicidal crimes against humanity bitterly suffered in the Land of the Morning Calm.     


The Long History of Lies about Iran
By Muhammad Sahimi
If the lies about Iraq taught us anything, it is that we must pay attention to the massive campaign of lies about Iran.     Continue

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